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Here is a pdf downloadable version of this study

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The Savage-Rumbaugh Page

Savage-Rumbaugh, S., MacDonald, K., Sevcik, R. A., Hopkins, W. D. and Rubert, E. (1986) Spontaneous symbol acquisition and communication use by pygmy chimpanzees (Pan paniscus)

On this page you should find lots of useful stuff to help you in your learning of Savage-Rumbaugh's study.

Here is the most important page. Click here for a summary and evaluation of the Savage-Rumbaugh study.

This page has lots of Core Studies Section A past questions that you might want to practice. Please don?t email me for the answers.

There are some great vids of Kanzi, his family and Sue Savage-Rumbaugh here

Here is a multi-choice quiz to test your knowledge of the study and here is a crossword.

And here is a great page on Jamie?s psychblog where you can read the original study and more.