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Section A Questions


Cognitive Psychology

Baron-Cohen et al. (autism)

Loftus and Palmer (eyewitness testimony)

Savage-Rumbaugh et al. (animal language)


Developmental Psychology

Samuel and Bryant (conservation)

Bandura, Ross and Ross (aggression)

Freud (Little Hans)


Individual Differences

Rosenhan (sane in insane places)

Thigpen and Cleckley (Multiple Personality Disorder)

Griffiths (gambling)


Physiological Psychology

Maguire et al. (brain scans)

Dement and Kleitman (sleep and dreaming)

Sperry (split brain)


Social Psychology

Reicher and Haslam (BBC prison study)

Milgram (obedience)

Piliavin et al. (subway Samaritan)