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Check out this new forum for psychology students - is an inspirational site for active teaching ideas.

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Web sites rock

Books are uber-neat but here are some inter-web sites that may be useful if you are studying OCR AS psychology.

Or you could follow the site on

And maybe join this new Facebook group where you can talk to other AS OCR psychology students

The Psychology Faculty has lots of videos to help you with both your studying of psychology and your choice of degree.

Psychblog by Jamie Davies is a must read if you are studying AS or A2 psychology. On this site you will find research, articles and resources specifically related to the OCR specifications.

Debbie?s site,, covers the whole of the AS course and most of the A2 too.

Gary Sturt?s site, again covers the whole of the AS course and has resources for A2.

Spalding Grammar School has an AS site here and an A2 site here


Forums for A level psychology students

This psychology forum for students,, is brand new.



For teachers

Here is a page on the OCR web site which lists all of the documents related to the psychology specifications.

If you are a teacher of Psychology, Science, PE, Law, Sociology, Media or Film studies the following sites may be useful.