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Psychological Investigations

For this exam you will have to be familiar with four techniques for collecting/analysing data.

These are:

self report




For this exam you will be asked to respond to source material. The source material will consist of a brief outline of a piece of psychological research. The source material may be a research idea, a brief description of a piece of research or the results of a piece of research.

You will be asked questions about the piece of research including strengths and weaknesses.

You will be asked questions about the data produced by the research.

You will also be asked to design your own research and will be asked questions about the strengths and weaknesses of this proposed research.

This unit is 30% of your total AS psychology and consists of a 1 hour written paper marked out of 60. Although you will have to learn four sections for this paper, you will only be asked questions on three of the sections.

Here is a draft paper provided by OCR, here is the January 2009 paper and here is the May 2009 paper