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This is a web site that should be useful and enjoyable if you are studying OCR psychology.

This OCR course in AS psychology will provide you with an introduction to the theories and methods of psychology.

You will have the opportunity to evaluate some of the methods that psychologists use and study 15 core studies that have been chosen to represent a range of psychological interests.

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The AS qualification is made up of two units which include the following:

Psychological Investigations - you will have the opportunity to try out four of the methods that psychologists use. This unit will be assessed in a 1 hour exam.

Core studies ? you will study 15 core studies and this unit will be assessed in a 2 hour exam.

There is more information on the course structure here.

What is psychology?

Psychology gives us explanations for why we think, feel and behave the way we do. Psychology is interested in explaining individual behaviour such as what makes you different and similar to other individuals and explaining how you interact with others.

Ultimately we want to provide explanations for our behaviour, but because psychology is a science we back up our explanations with evidence. The explanations that psychologists make can be tested by carrying out studies and collecting data about people. By understanding how we arrive at explanations through carrying out research will enable you to evaluate claims about human behaviour and you will learn to distinguish between fact and opinion.