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If you purchase a textbook for revision ensure that you are using a text that is specifically written for these AS OCR specifications. There are a number of textbooks on sale that are written for the old specifications and there are newer texts which purport to cover all of the specifications ? but they don?t.


Please do let me know if you think I have not included a good AS OCR text book in this list.

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Further Reading

Aren't books fab?

There are some great textbooks for studying OCR AS psychology and some other stuff that you could have a look at too.


There are currently three textbooks specifically written for this course although I am sure there will be more to come.



My favourite of the new textbooks is AS Core Studies and Research Methods by Philip Banyard and Cara Flanagan (Psychology Press). It contains everything you will need for the AS exams and is both lively and engaging. The textbook also has a supporting website here.


Another smashing textbook is OCR Psychology by Alan Bainbridge, Priya Bradshaw, Sandra Latham and Fiona Lintern (Heinemann). This textbook also provides a comprehensive cover of the AS exams and again is engaging and lively. With this textbook you are also provided with a free CD-ROM.



Thirdly there is OCR Psychology for AS (Hoddder Education) which is by Karon Oliver and Louise Ellerby-Jones. Again this text covers the 15 studies in enough detail and is lively and engaging. The textbook does not specifically have a section for the Psychological Investigations although it does come with a free CD-ROM.


Another textbook you may want to have a look at is Introducing Psychological Research (Third Edition) written by Philip Banyard and Andrew Grayson (Palgrave). This text has excellent summaries and evaluations of a number of studies including 14 of the 15 core studies. This lucid text is worth getting hold of if only for the last section about psychological methodology.